Monday, September 17, 2007

Identity Theft Is a Major Life Event and Legal Resources are a Daily Need

Let’s face it, if anyone in this country faces a major medical emergency and they go to an emergency room, they will get the help they need – even without health insurance. However, if anyone in this country has their identity stolen – driver’s license, social security number, medical insurance information, or character – this major life event is not something that can be “passed on” to other taxpayer’s for resolve. Identity theft protection, like auto insurance, is not something employees can live without. A preventative solution not only provides economic value to the employee, but most importantly, it provides an affordable way to obtain a service that would otherwise be too expensive at the individual rate. Hence, good business practices which incorporate benefits that cost businesses absolutely nothing to provide, but create tremendous value for the employee, help attract and retain quality employees. In addition, these services may help prevent companies from defensive losses by way of notice and acknowledgment of a breach, if several employees are notified in real-time of an attempted attack on their identities, helping to discover where the breach originated and proactively closing the gap on the loophole.

In a country where our children are taught to recite and believe in a mantra that ends in, “liberty and justice for all”, it’s a shame that as adults, 90% of us cannot afford to retain a lawyer, making it almost impossible for employees to feel like they deserve justice in their everyday lives – having a will, resolving a debt that isn’t theirs, signing contracts, being bullied by landlords, debt collectors, merchants, and the list goes on. Access to legal services empowers employees to make better, smarter decisions, thereby making better, smarter workers.

For companies, it’s cost-effective, lowers the overall liability of the business, and dramatically reduces non-productivity when employees don’t need to take off of work for identity theft/legal related issues. So remember, life matters – value your employees.